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Re: Ultra 5/Mach 64 video strangeness

>After some random amount of time, the X display will freak out, and go
>sorta snowy on me.  Ctrl-Alt-Bkspcing out gets me back to the command line,
>but that's all screwed up, too.  It almost looks like the monitor's lost
>synch (It's a Sun 21", btw, on the off chance that this is a monitor problem
>and not an Ultra 5/Mach 64 one, though I'm relatively sure I didn't have 
>this monitor yet the first time I ran into the problem).  For what it's 
>worth, everything works like a charm under Solaris.

I've got the same problem here (Ultra5/Mach64). I can use the
machine via net, only the display is totally screwed up, and I have
to reboot the machine. This happens randomly but not as frequent as
in Your case. However, IIRC since installing a 2.4.x kernel it
doesn't happen anymore.


PS: I'm using the XF86Config file as delivered with potato, only
input sections are adjusted.

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