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Re: New Woody 2.3.2 boot images for sparc, need testing...

Ben Collins writes:
 > I am recompiling the same image from pristine vger CVS to match the one
 > provided in the boot disks. I'll see what I get from this one.
 > FYI, you can get the system-map for the linux-a.out image by downloading
 > the image-2.88/rescue.bin and mounting it over loop, if you're willing
 > to try piggybacking that one with the root.bin.

BTW, I thought initially that some of this might be a build
environment issue (cross builds on x86 == little endian issue, or
using sparc 64-bit build tools == some "long" type issue in piggyback
or TILO code).  But once you said that 2.2.x kernels did not have
these problems I threw away that theory.

David S. Miller

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