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Re: Problems when "cloning" an hard-disk

On Wed, 9 May 2001, Jean-Paul Blaquiere wrote:

> > > I have a Sparc IPX with with two hard-disks, an external (slow!) 2 GB hd
> > > for the OS (Debian GNU/Linux potato) and an internal hd mounted as
> > > /home.
> > > I want to "clone" my existing system on a new disk. What I have done is:
> > >
> copying all the data acroos is 99% of the work.
> all you need now is a boot block on the new drive, and for the life of I
> can't remember how ot do it!
> <note to self, power on the ELC again>
> check the silo documentation.  you will probably need to run it with an
> option for a different root dir,  silo -r /mnt
> or chroot to the new disk and run silo

Then, in this case, silo works more or less like lilo...

This is exactly what I thought yesterday, when reading silo's manpage, but
I didn't actually do that because I have always believed that, with silo,
everything was more or less automatic.

Ok, I'll try to chroot to the new disk and run silo.



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