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No cp in sparc woody installation?

This is creepy.

I installed woody today on a sparcstation 10 using .../sun4cdm/tftpboot.img
from the US ftp mirror. (current -> 2.3.3-2001-05-18)

But it looks like there is no /bin/cp in the root filesystem when it
boots up, and I get this message: "cp: not found"

Hand-rolling a cp using cat gets me a little further, but then I
encounter warning messages about corrupt .deb files when I attempt to
download packages.

As far as I can tell, this is a show-stopper, but I don't see any list
mention or bug report.  Seems like missing /bin/cp is pretty big, so
perhaps I missed something.  Sure seems like I remember installing
slink on sparc this way.  But that was slink.  Go figure.  Slink less
b0rken than potato.  *duck* :)

Syslog line:
May 31 22:58:00 (none) user.info dbootstrap[36]: cp: not found

Any thoughts?  Thanks.

Jason Smith
Linux and Unix
University of Texas ECE-LRC

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