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Re: How well, if at all, does Debian/Sparc support Sun's Javastations?

* Craig Ian Dewick <craig@lios.apana.org.au> [010507 03:25]:
> I'm new to Debian (I'm primarily a Solaris person), and I'm wondering what
> sort of support exists in the Debian/Sparc port for Sun's Javastations?

Actually, no distribution supports the Javastation out of the box.  You
need to build a custom kernel for it (as well as the proll stuff)... and
you need to setup a bare filesystem, which in the case of debian is
quite simple -- just grab a "base2_2.tgz" file like:


untar it somewhere, and use it as instructed by the Javastation howto at
http://javastation-howto.homeip.net/ ... you'll probably have to tweak a
few things to make it happy, but it should be fairly straightforward.

If you have trouble with this, let me know and I'll look at trying it
myself... I have a RH6.2 setup that I did something similar to this
with... and Debian looks to be simper to set up.

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