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Re: booting sparc

> On May 22, Artur Gorniak illuminated with a virtual pen  :

> I have problem with silo.
> it's installing on external drive and system is booting from internal one.
> when I dd first.b to internal my computer hanged.
> is it possible to install SILO on specified hard drive?
> Linux see external as /dev/sda and internal as /dev/sdb.
> should I reconfigure disk jumpers?
it is not necesary, but will make the installation easier.  Linux presumes
that you boot from the drive with the lowest ID, ie sda.
also, it is easier to run silo, rather than manually fiddling about with
first.b and second.b etc.
also, the drive that boots needs the kernel image, /etc/silo.conf and
/boot/{stuff} .  this probably precludes booting from id#3 and having id#0
as your root drive.

I think, all considered, change the scsi ID settings around and *crossed
fingers*  it will work.

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