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[no subject] 2.1 -> 2.2 issues on a SS1? 2.4 kernel and swap 2.4.X on sparc 3.0.20 boot floppies available Hard disk partition problem Re: Hard disk partition problem [ Re: Results for binutils-2.11.94 testsuite on sparc-unknown-linux-gnu] [OT] lprng bad config [광고] 종량제 봉투 절약형 압축쓰레기통 소개 Assorted Bus Errors - common problem? Base install of Woody "DNS Server" wants too much BLAS on Sparc boot image SunBlade 100 Boot problem at SparcSTATION 5 boot-floppies 3.0.21 for testing Booting from HD on an SS10 Re: Bug#132671: sparc disks outdated Bug#138847: ngrep-1.40-1 bus error on SS20 (sparc architecture) CD Writers on SS10 Comments wanted! Failures in binutils-2.12 branch testsuite with gcc-3.1 branch correct video driver for Ultra1 correctable memory errors correctable memory problems Re: Debian 2.2r3 auf sparc server/station 10 RE: Debian and NetraX1 Disk Related Problems on SS20 Does boehm-gc (e.g. in gcc-3.1) work for sun4m running Woody? dselect problem: gcc-3.0-sparc64 Re: E250 crashing hard with 2.4.16 and 2.4.17 Forcing an HME adapter to 10baseT? gcc: internal compiler error Getting Re: Hard disk partition problem Help with sound on SPARCstation 20 IDE on Ultra 30... which PCI card? improving ssh2 performance on SPARCv8/SPARCv9 systems Installation problem on SparcSTATION 5 Installation problems on SparcStation5 Installing freeS/WAN on 2.4.17 Is debian/woody's binutils- working properly on sun4m? Kernel 2.4 and Swap (solved) kernel 2.4.18-rc4 Kernel Problems with The London Morning Paper md devices mount / hangs on install of potato need help Netdiag Debain 2.2 Package Problems netra t1 105 installation new Debian installation NFS /var/mail nfs problem NTP-woes openafs on Ultra1 with 2.4.17 kernel OSCAR WINNER ON American Parable Partition's Modification Please compile jigdo-file 0.6.4-1 Please make that ltt is built for your arch Re: portsentry? Preliminary SDL packages Re: problems installing Woody on Ultra1 RAID Support? serial port with Ultra 10 and woody setting monitor resolution at boot Software Development from Russia ($20-$25 per hour) Some (HW) question about a SS20... Re: sparc disks outdated sparcstation 4 boot disc SPARCstation 5 CD-ROM install problem... Re: SPARCstorage array Spare parts for tape drive SS20 Installation problem subscribe Sun hardware superformat on sparc2/sparc5 Trouble setting up Telnet access Ultra10 and sound Uncompressed image too long -- 2.4.16-sun4u-smp unsubscribe Update of makeinfo to 4.1 which jdk for a sparc u ? Xfree86 Signal 10 xfree86v3 not autobuilding XKB keyboard map of Sun Type 5 FI keyboard The last update was on 23:06 GMT Sun Jun 02. There are 268 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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