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Re: [OT] lprng bad config

On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Peter Keel wrote:

> This is not sparc-specific, but this is the only debian-mailinglist
> I read.
> Does anyone know why in lprng uses ports 512-1023 per default?

Haven't got a clue.
> In /etc/lprng/lpd.conf it reads:
> #   default originate_port=512 1023 (STRING)
> Whereas man lpd.conf states:
>     "Note that RFC1179 specifies that requests
>      must originate from ports in the range 721-731."

Not only does it violate RFC1179, it also violates the IANA and
/etc/services portnumber assignements. The range 512-1023 has some very
noteworthy applications amongst it subscribers, i.e. login, exec, IPv6
dhcp-client and server and many of the ssl'ed-versions of apps.
Range 721-731 isn't without problems either though: 729-731 is assigned to
IBM's NetView according to IANA. Nothing in /e/s

> Was this deliberately changed? Its not a good idea, and it stopped
> our printer dead because of firewalling.

You could always check Debian Policy and file a bug against this.
At least some documentation should be updated.

IMHO even if policy says nothing about this, it's Good Practice(tm) to
stay away from using Well Known Ports for apps they're not meant for.


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