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Re: Trouble setting up Telnet access

"Del Campo, Damian" <Damian.DelCampo@team.telstra.com> writes:

> Howdy, I'm running Potato on a SS2.
> How do I set up telnet access from a workstation? ie I want to be able to
> telnet into the SS2 from other computers on the network.
> I've put telnet(tcp) in my /etc/services file (or maybe it was
> /etc/inetd.conf sorry don't have it infront of me at the moment)
> I've put 'in.telnetd: 192.168.1.' in my /etc/hosts.allow file.
> After this the telnet client (on another machine) just goes blank and then
> says that the host was lost whereas before these changes it said connection
> refused.

Undo your changes to /etc/inetd.conf.
As root, do "apt-get install telnetd" (or better maybe, "apt-get
install telnetd-ssl").

The package installation scripts will take care of modifying


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