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Re: Some (HW) question about a SS20...

> still scroll only in vertical; someone say me that ss10 and ss20
> mousepad are different and not compatible... true?!

There are two resolutions of mousepad, but IIRC the distinction was
over the sun3/sun4 boundary, not any more recent.  More usefully, that
behaviour is what happens when you need to rotate the mousepad 90
degrees, so try that...

Having installed potato on a sparc 5 recently (and then promptly
upgraded it to unstable) I didn't see nearly so many errors as you
seem to describe - I'd suggest running a memory test (probably from
openprom, I don't know if there's a memtest86 equivalent for sparc...)
Though actually I *have* had trouble with 2.2.x kernels using NFS, so
maybe it was all NFS related...

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