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Re: Hard disk partition problem

I recently added 4 16GB drives to my SS20. fdisk wouldn't even read 3 of them. I decided to plug them into a Solaris box and use the format command to do a low level format on all of them, while I was at it, I wrote a partition map to them as well. This way when I got them back to the Linux box, I just had to use fdisk to change the system ID of my newly created partitons to 83, mke2fs and I was in good shape. I didn't find and format equivalent for Linux, but I didn't look very hard either.


kidego@libero.it wrote:

today i had installed woody (Testing) on my Sun Netra X1 on 10Gb HD.
Now i want to partition a secondary disk 40Gb (Seagate Barracuda), but i can only made a 7Gb partition. I use fdisk v2.11n

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