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Re: improving ssh2 performance on SPARCv8/SPARCv9 systems

> on how well maintained the sparc32 support in the kernel becomes.

I'm still happily running 2.4.x on a sparc5 and an ss10, both
production machines; the sparc5 seems to currently the peak of "cheap
taken-out-of-service" sparcs.  64 bit machines have yet to reach that
point.  And besides, a cheap *modern* sparc64 (like the Netra X1)
still doesn't usefully work (as of Sam's recent netboot attempt, when
ping could send packets but nothing else to do with the net actually

I'll admit that I haven't been bothered to try and run anything
lower-end than that (the IPC is a nice lunch-boxed sized machine which
I think is sun4c and thus needs v7, though, and I've been meaning to
get one of them up... and the ss10 actually replaced an SS1+...)

This is all similar to the whole pentium-builder thing on the x86
side, isn't it?  Though I don't recall any useful results there in
terms of when to split off a sub-distribution...

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