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Re: RAID Support?

Thanks for all the responses, sounds very encouraging...now all I need is
to get the hardware and experiment (software RAID, BTW).  

Anyone have any experience with the 2.4 kernel and raid on sparcs?


On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 01:45:10PM -0800, ted linux wrote:
> My own experience using RAID on my Sparc2 has been positive.  I've got 4
> disks (sd0-3).  Each 4gb disk is partitioned into a 15MB boot partition
> (RAID1), with the rest of the disk joined into a 12GB RAID5 device.
> The last kernel I was able to successfully patch using the old
> "dangerous" raid drivers was 2.2.18.  It's been running fine for over a
> year now, surviving two disk replacements.  I remember it was a
> task-and-a-half to work out the patch, first because the last released
> patch was for 2.2.15, and second because I'm also running devfs.  But
> the two together have been running fine.
> > I have a Sparc LX acting as an email/web/ssh server (hopefully soon to be
> > upgraded to a Sparc20), and I would like to add a Raid-5 array to the
> > system.
> > 
> > I have heard suggestions (though no detailed experiences) that Raid
> doesn't
> > work all that well on a Sparc running Linux 2.2.
> > 
> > Has anyone setup a Raid array (Raid-5 specifically) on a Sparc system, and
> > have any experience on what the troubles are that I might encounter?  
> > 
> > --David
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