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Installation problem on SparcSTATION 5

Hello out there!

Does anyone know why I get the "VFS: Unable to mount VFS root
at startup in the Debian 2.2r5 installation on my Sun SparcSTATION 5?

The computer has an internal 1,20 Gb SCA SCSI drive, wich is the only
thing internal
(I do not own a Interna floppy or CD-ROM, the CD-ROM is external, but
wirks fine, seince I boot the install from it.)

The Internal SCA drive is correctly at id3 and the CD-ROM reader is at
SCSI id 6 (of course)
The computer also has 32 Mb Memory, and a little reminder here is that the
Sparc 5 in question is
the 110 MHz version

What can I do?

/Daniel Lönn

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