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Re: improving ssh2 performance on SPARCv8/SPARCv9 systems

* Robert Waldner <waldner@waldner.priv.at> [020320 23:41]:
> I don't think I would be the only one saddened by this (now that my SS1 
>  finally runs).

Definitely not.

> Besides, if I have a performance problem with a particular app, what's 
>  so bad about `apt-get source foo` and compiling myself?

Rebuilding libssl takes a decent chunk of time on my 500MHz
UltraSPARC-IIe system... I can only guess how long it takes on a 50MHz
Classic or LX.  Granted it's only one package, I have a fast machine to
build it on and many to use it on... but if more packages are identified
that would benefit from such optimizations, then I think makes more
sense to have those few specific packages built with multiple
optimization levels by the debian build system -- especially if it's
universally desirable like ssh2 authentication speed.

(Sorry Ben, I don't really mean to create more work for you...)

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