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Re: correctable memory problems

I don't know, Ben. I'm thinking it could be humidity under the board tracings, or more likely, could it be a kernel issue?

A full diag on the box reveals no problems with the memory.  hmmm


On Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 05:30:57AM -0500, Mario Lombardo wrote:
 It's an Ultra2 with dual CPUs.  I would rather not sacrifice CPU
 performance though.  Of course, if the sticks are as much as SS5
 sticks, forget it!

 Don't you think it's strange that even when I move the SIMMs
 elsewhere, the kernel still notes U0501, U0401 as faulty.  I don't
 see how this makes sense, but then again, I don't necessarily know
 what these errors are indicating literally.  Maybe I need to compile
 SMP support?

Mine does the same thing. Even when I replaced the sticks with brand new
ones, I still get the messages under heave memory usage.

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