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Re: improving ssh2 performance on SPARCv8/SPARCv9 systems

* Paul Hedderly <paul@mjr.org> [020321 01:10]:
> > > On Mar 21, Mark Eichin illuminated :
> > > I'm still happily running 2.4.x on a sparc5 and an ss10, both
> > > production machines; the sparc5 seems to currently the peak of "cheap
> > >
> > er, please tell us how.  To date i (and several others on this list) have
> > had major hassles getting 2.4.x running on non ultra sparcs.
> > even if you tell me  a kernel version and send me a /boot/config I'll be
> > happy.  I *really* want journalling support.  and iptables.  and raid ...
> > and ... and ...  *smile*
> <aol> ME TOO! </aol>

I've had the config at http://sunsparc.org/linux/sun4m-up-2.4.config
along with the latest 2.4 kernel from vger cvs (see
http://vger.samba.org/) working on some of my sun4m machines.

Be _absolutely_ sure to check out the 2.4.x kernel and NOT the 2.5.x
kernel from there... 

cvs -z3 -d :pserver:cvs@vger.samba.org:/vger co -r linux_2_4 linux

... if you don't do the "-r linux_2_4", you'll get the 2.5 kernel and it
will definitely not work.

Stability issues might need to be addressed yet, but it at least seems
to boot for me, etc.  (Also, I used the cross compiler I make in
http://sunsparc.org/linux/xcompile/ to build it on my x86 notebook
computer... much faster that way.)

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