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Re: correct video driver for Ultra1

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Faheem Mitha wrote:
> sure about the video driver. I am using the suncg6 driver, which however
> appears to have only 8 bit colour. This looks terrible with graphical
> stuff like web browsers. It is also very slow.

The stock U1's have but 8-bit colour and the suncg6 driver is the right

> completely sure what the machine is. I was told this was an Ultra1, but I
> have heard there is also such a thing as an Ultra1 Creator, and am not
> clear how I would find out which was which.

Yup. The Creator series has a slightly different architecture; i.e.
they've got a UPA-bus for graphics instead of a regular SBus. This allows
for better video (read: 24-bit, 3d-acelleration, etc.).
I've heard you can recognize the type by the colour of the dot on the
front of the case; green is a stock U1, red a Creator flavour.
Rumour[0] has it there's a special card that allows 24-bit colour on a
SBus-machine; given it has two free SBus-slots.

> For the Ultra1 Creator something called the sunffb will work. Will this
> also work for the vanilla Ultra1 (if that is what it is)?

Nope, won't work for a vanilla U1 AFAIK.

> Sorry for the cluelessness. I don't know anything about Sun hardware and
> have been surfing the web and getting more confused.

That, unfortunately is a problem I've encountered as well :(
As soon as it is no longer supported by Sun, info is disappearing at
ligthspeed or at least becomes very hard to find.
Lucky me the CS-department has many old-time sun-admins here.


[0] At least I was told by on of those old-timers around here at CS.vu.

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