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Re: Installation problem on SparcSTATION 5

> On Mar 01, Daniel Lnn illuminated :

> Does anyone know why I get the "VFS: Unable to mount VFS root
> filesystem..."
> at startup in the Debian 2.2r5 installation on my Sun SparcSTATION 5?
what did you specify for your boot command?
and what is the kernel asking for its boot device?

> The Internal SCA drive is correctly at id3 and the CD-ROM reader is at
> SCSI id 6 (of course)
> The computer also has 32 Mb Memory, and a little reminder here is that the
> Sparc 5 in question is
> the 110 MHz version
I just installed woody on my SS5 (85MHz).  the only problem I had was not
being able to mount the kernel image via the loopback mount off the nfs
server.  I tfp-ed the boot image though ...  no cdrom

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