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Re: correctable memory errors

On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 12:23:05AM -0500, Mario Lombardo wrote:
> I have UDBH syndrome[1b] memory module [U0501 U0401]
> coming up in my console.  I'm running 2.2r5 on a dual-300 
> ultrasparc2.  I've seen some stuff doing a general search on the 
> Internet, but can someone tell me where I can find there 
> modules...let's say facing the computer from the front--looking 
> downwards into the memory bay?

Those are the memory modules. Their just like any other RAM stick on
your board. Look for the markings on the motherboard next to the memory
lots for the U0501 and U0401 designations.

I have this same thing on an Ultra30. Had the messages for 2 years now,
with no problems (other than the messages to the screen).

> Also, where can I read more info?  Field service manual?


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