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Re: which jdk for a sparc u ?

On 6 Mar 2002, Thomas Duffy wrote:

> On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 11:39, jmt wrote:
> > Is the
> > j2sdk1.3.0 I downloaded use the 64 bits feature of the sparc processor ?

AFAIK the 64-bits SPARC parts are introduced in Java 2 v1.4 so I'ld think
you're oout of luck there.

> I did not think sun released a version of 1.3 for sparc/linux...that

They don't, but since they've recently said they're looking into
supporting linux... hopefully they'll support Blackdown a bit more on the
sparc port.

> on the other hand, Blackdown has a 1.2.2 version for sparc/linux:
> http://www.blackdown.org/java-linux/jdk1.2-status/

There is a 1.3.0 FCS version. Not mentioned on their website, but
downloadable through their mirrors as a tar.bz2 IIRC, no deb.
The plugin for mozilla is not functional though. And the fix (as promised
somewhere last october) is not yet in. :(

> but I don't think it is 64bit.

See above.

> of course, there is kaffe, but that is way old and also does not support
> sparc64.  basically, modern jre's for sparc are lacking ATM.

Although their official release seems quite old, you can get quite a
recent verson out of their cvs. There's even someone working on a deb with
a cvs-version, it's not yet in testing due to autobuilding problems on
sparc though :( :(


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