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Re: boot-floppies 3.0.21 for testing


Sorry for the trash I sent around the world before... this is what I
wanted to send:

> > Why both with nfs when the tftpboot.img has all you need? Just
> > required tftp+rarp.
> > 
> > As for the nfs options, I'll get them fixed in the next kernel upload.
> I wasn't able to get the tftpboot.img to work on my SS2 or SS20, but
> can't find my notes to indicate exactly what errored.  If memory serves,
> it was something to do with the TILO prompt, or problems at around that
> point.

I had this problem on a SS2 and an Ultra1. On both machines the image is
fetched with tftp, TILO starts, selects the kernel and then it crashes.
IIRC the error message is not always the same, but I don't remember
them... Ultra1 said something about MMU miss.

As I have absolutely no experience with sun and sparc (I got the SS2 a
week ago), I don't know how I can provide more information (besides
writing the full error message down ;) ). So if there is a way to get more
information, please tell me.


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