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Re: new Debian installation

On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, jmt wrote:

> Hi,
> I recently bought a Sparc Ultra 5 - mostly for the monitor in fact. I tried
> using Solaris on the machine, is really ok in fact, but my other machines are
> all debian (3 at home, 8 at work) and I did not really want to get involved
> in learning devices names and scripts locations and so on.
> I then installed debian, disk from potato, upgraded immediatly to unstable.
> So it runs an unstable but for the kernel.
> I use the machine mainly as a server (tomcat, nfs, etc. ) and its runs fine.
> Installation was painless (but no X, no two ethernet cards, no french
> keyboard since I run the machine via ssh).

Thanks for the reply. Does this mean you have not tried to configure X, or
it does not work? We'll be using these machines more as desktops, so I'm
also interested in how Debian packages behave generally on the Sparc port,
and specifically the kinds of things that desktops use (ie KDE). I guess I
should have mentioned this in the previous message, so I'm ccing this to
the list.

Also, have you been experiencing any issues with the periodic apt-get

> Hope that helps.

Yes, thanks.                                          Faheem.

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