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Does boehm-gc (e.g. in gcc-3.1) work for sun4m running Woody?

This was on a Debian Woody (test release) sun4m system using

dejagnu                            1.4.2-1
gcc                                2.95.4-9 (Debian prerelease)
kernel-image-2.2.20-sun4dm-smp     9
libc6                              2.2.5-3

While trying to bootstrap gcc-3.1 and running its test suite, I see a
test failure running the gctest. Contacts with Hans Boehm yeilds
something severely wrong, perhaps with pthreads in the kernel.

I'm far too simple a programming guy to be able to sort this out
myself so I call for help.

As Hans wrote me:

This is a 32-bit binary?

It would be interesting to know what happens if you download


unpack it, and type "make test".  Does it fail the same way?

There are some general debugging hints for the collector in


Since I don't have access to a similar system, I will need more details ...


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