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RE: Debian and NetraX1

I'm cc'ing the debian sparc list so the message can be archived incase
someone else can benefit from my answers.

> Now however, I am unable to get the network going - do I need to use
> a 10 meg half duplex port to make things work ?  Or is ethernet now
> supported at 100 meg ?

My NetraX1 is on a 10mbit hub so I can't sure, but I remember hearing that
early versions of the Davicom DM9102A driver did not support 100mbit. I also
recall Ben Collins saying that he was planning on forcing the DM9012 driver
to do 10mbit until they fixed it.

If 100mbit does not appear to work either force your port to 10mbit/HDX (if
its a managed switch) or find an older 10mbit hub to try it out on.

Also keep in mind that the labeled ethernet ports on the Netra are 0, and 1,
however linux detects them as eth1 and eth0 respectively (opposite to what
they are labeled).

Steve Moret

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