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Re: problems installing Woody on Ultra1

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002 Thomas J. Zeeman wrote:

> Are these images built from boot-floppies version 3.0.16 (which utterly
> failed for Ultra1), 3.0.18 provided by BenC, or the more recent 3.0.21
> provided by Adam di Carlo?

It was version 3.0.20. I have switched to 3.0.21 since.

> If you've got another machine around, try the tftpboot method.

I've spent some time setting up a server on an i386, with rarpd and
tftp, but then it worked. During the installation, I needed to change
the default location for kernel and drivers (2.4.18 vs 2.4.17), and the
rest was OK (up to some network problem - I have to download the files
from the US).

I hope that fine tuning of the graphics, sound and camera will not be
too complicated. I shall leave that for tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for help.


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