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Preliminary SDL packages

I've got some preliminary SDL packages on klecker and I'd appreciate it if
someone here wouldn't mind testing these on a Sparc system, especially
considering there is a bug against the existing SDL packages that they are
broken on Sparc (#79549) and I do not know if this bug has been resolved
or not.  Please test them if you can.

The deb line for the lazy:

deb-src http://people.debian.org/~knghtbrd ./

The specific things I need to know are do these packages compile properly?
Do existing SDL-using packages work with them without a recompile?  Do
they still work after they have been recompiled?

I've been working hard the past couple of days to ensure that the answer
to all of these questions is yes, but I can't just assume that because it
should work that it will - not this close to woody's release.  I realize
SDL outside of i386 has been a total mess so far, but I really hope to see
these packages' reputation change in that area.

I appreciate any help you guys can spare an i386 weenie who just adopted a
rather large mess.  =)

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@bluecherry.net>       Now I'll take over the world
<MFGolfBal> rit/ara:  There's something really demented about UNIX

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