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Re: 2.1 -> 2.2 issues on a SS1?

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002 11:18:03 EST, Ben Collins writes:
>> After much fiddling around I got the SS1 to boot.
(with slink)

>> Is anyone aware of any pitfalls I might encounter when trying to 
>>  upgrade to recent potato (when slink is done installing, which will 
>>  probably take well into tomorrow)?

>Read the potato upgrade docs. They explain how to best go about the
>upgrade from potato to slink (should be in potato/main/upgrade or

I even read the docs ;)

So they tell me to install a 2.2-kernel, preferrably one of the 
 kernel-image-* packages. So I did. But everytime I boot the 2.2-kernel 
 it just goes spewing 
     zs_open ttyS0, tty overwrite.
 _very_ rapidly all over the console. Anything (other than break) sent 
 to it over the console will OOPs the kernel. (Originally it was cua0, 
 but I changed /dev/console to point to ttyS0 instead, because a lot of 
 other processes were complaining)

I did find some people asking because of this very problem when 
 googling around, but noone seems to have an answer.

It doesn't matter _that_ much, as I'm able to telnet to the box and do 
 the rest of the upgrade, but it renders the console pretty much 

Any hints?

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