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Re: Comments wanted! Failures in binutils-2.12 branch testsuite with gcc-3.1 branch

On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 05:04:39PM -0500, Mark Eichin wrote:


> Note however that what I *think* is going on is that for at least some
> of that, you've got some test cases that should be filtered out:
> s-record format is just *not* going to support a GOT, or even
> *anything* particularly advanced.  Though I guess the later tests are
> more real -- did you just select out a few but they *all* fail this
> way? 

The failures I filter out in my posting are the failures that occur,
no more. They all, except for the last one perhaps, may be related to
failure to find _GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_. Maybe...



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