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Re: problems installing Woody on Ultra1

On Fri, 15 Mar 2002, Nenad Antonic wrote:

> I am experiencing the same problems. Yesterday I got the newest image
> woody-sparc-1.raw from the same site
> (http://cdimage-unofficial.debian.net/), but the problem is still there.

Are these images built from boot-floppies version 3.0.16 (which utterly
failed for Ultra1), 3.0.18 provided by BenC, or the more recent 3.0.21
provided by Adam di Carlo?

Both the 3.0.18 and the 3.0.21 version work on Ultra 1 (just installed the
latter over a install with the first). I must say I prefer the first
though. Needs fewer 'hacks' and genuinely works with floppies while the
latter seems to have some problems with booting.

> As I have Ultra Creator 1 (SUNW,501-4291) without any floppy, I cannot
> follow the suggestion in the earlier post.
> Is there a way how I could install woody on this Ultra?

If you've got another machine around, try the tftpboot method.
Really simple and it works, after that you can try to install from the net
or via a NFS mount off of that tftpboot-server or some other supported


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