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correct video driver for Ultra1

Dear People,

I just did an installation of Debian Potato, upgrading to Woody almost
immediately. It went smoothly after some hardware hiccups, but I am not
sure about the video driver. I am using the suncg6 driver, which however
appears to have only 8 bit colour. This looks terrible with graphical
stuff like web browsers. It is also very slow.

I was wondering if this was the right driver. To compound things, I am not
completely sure what the machine is. I was told this was an Ultra1, but I
have heard there is also such a thing as an Ultra1 Creator, and am not
clear how I would find out which was which.

For the Ultra1 Creator something called the sunffb will work. Will this
also work for the vanilla Ultra1 (if that is what it is)?

Sorry for the cluelessness. I don't know anything about Sun hardware and
have been surfing the web and getting more confused.

Please cc me. I'm not on the list.

                                              Sincerely, Faheem Mitha.

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