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Re: E250 crashing hard with 2.4.16 and 2.4.17

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, B.C.J.O wrote:

> I have been running the 2.4.17 kernel (2.4.18 doesn't compile) with ext3
> built right into the image on an ultra60 with two cpus and 512mb of ram.
> the root filesystem is running on ext2, but I have /home mounted on a
> large (36gb) ext3 partition. I have been experiencing random hard locks
> that I have not been able to track down; This machine previously ran with
> only ext2 filesystems (even on 2.4.17) for long periods, but as soon as I
> mounted the ext3 filesystem, I started to see the locking behaviour. I
> have been trying to move to a 2.4.18 or a 2.5.x development kernel from
> vger, but I can't get a viable set of kernel packages built out of any of
> the post 2.4.17 source. =/
So I guess it is an ext3 problem because I recently switched to ext3.
Now I wonder how to report this problem.  I did not dived deep into
kernel bug issues but I want to do my best to help the problem fixed.

Kind regards


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