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Re: which jdk for a sparc u ?

On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 11:39, jmt wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not really new to java, but not very experienced ; but very new to sparc !
> So my question is :
> Which package for a sparc64 ? Sun has released j2sdk1.4, but binaries for 
> i386 only. Is there (will there be) a specific port to sparc ?

chances are no IMO.  they will not want to undermine Solaris on sparc. 
but I do not work for Sun, so who knows.

> Is the 
> j2sdk1.3.0 I downloaded use the 64 bits feature of the sparc processor ?

I did not think sun released a version of 1.3 for sparc/linux...that
would be news to me.  you /may/ be able to get the solaris version
working on linux using the solaris ABI support, but I would be very
surprised if this ever worked since Sun has put hooks into Solaris using
sys_sun to get java to run well and these would need to be reverse
engineered to figure out what is going on...in other words, much much
pain.  if these hooks were emulated well, chances are it would perform
for shit.

on the other hand, Blackdown has a 1.2.2 version for sparc/linux:


but I don't think it is 64bit.

of course, there is kaffe, but that is way old and also does not support
sparc64.  basically, modern jre's for sparc are lacking ATM.


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