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Re: new Debian installation

For what it's worth, I'm very happy with how Linux works on my Ultra 5's
and 10's.  When you factor in net boot, I think installing it is easier
than it is on x86's...  once you've done it once, you've got it.  No
weird off-the-wall hardware to worry about helps a lot.

Almost everything available for x86 is also in the Sparc port.  The only
thing off the top of my head that I know is a problem is that AFAIK
there's no Java support for any of the web browsers available (and if
anyone here's figured out how to do it, I'd love to know).  Blackdown
seems to have ported their plugin to every Linux except sparc,

apt-get works like it's supposed to, though the occasional package will
get hosed, causing things like the recent problem that caused GNOME to
disappear from a few people's desktops, but that was only in unstable. 
I expect occasional weirdness with unstable, anyway -- I haven't had any
problems worth mentioning with the testing boxes.

> Thanks for the reply. Does this mean you have not tried to configure X, or
> it does not work? We'll be using these machines more as desktops, so I'm
> also interested in how Debian packages behave generally on the Sparc port,
> and specifically the kinds of things that desktops use (ie KDE). I guess I
> should have mentioned this in the previous message, so I'm ccing this to
> the list.
> Also, have you been experiencing any issues with the periodic apt-get
> update/upgrades?
> > Hope that helps.
> Yes, thanks.                                          Faheem.
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