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Re: improving ssh2 performance on SPARCv8/SPARCv9 systems

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 01:31:30AM -0500, Mark Eichin wrote:
> > on how well maintained the sparc32 support in the kernel becomes.
> I'm still happily running 2.4.x on a sparc5 and an ss10, both
> production machines; the sparc5 seems to currently the peak of "cheap
> taken-out-of-service" sparcs.  64 bit machines have yet to reach that
> point.  And besides, a cheap *modern* sparc64 (like the Netra X1)
> still doesn't usefully work (as of Sam's recent netboot attempt, when
> ping could send packets but nothing else to do with the net actually
> worked...)

Even if I make the v8 change, your machine will still be supported. v8
includes sun4m (ss5/ss10/ss20/ssLX class systems), sun4d, and sun4u.
It would effectively kill off ss1/ss2/IPC class systems.

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