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Assorted Bus Errors - common problem?

I understand this may sound vague, but bear with me.  If I provided all the
relevant data, this mail would be massive.
I am running several sparc boxes of assorted type and kernel (SS20 w/2.2.20,
U10 w/ 2.4.17, etc.)  and I am running into bus errors in several places.  A
common one is with nmap and tcpdump; if I portscan localhost, nmap functions
fine, if I scan a remote host, it dies with a bus error; if I tcpdump a
specific interface with no filter, it works fine, if I tcpdump and filter by
host, bus error.  Now I am seeing bus errors using apache+php4, apparently
when using some of the IMAP or LDAP functions (I haven't fully investigated
that one yet).
The general question I am asking is whether or not these bus errors are a
common sparc/linux related problem, or if it is something uncommon that may
be related to a specific configuration/software version/kernel.  I would
just as soon see if this is a core problem with sparc/linux before I clutter
the lists with 100 strace outputs.  I will, however, be more than happy to
provide any info if someone wants to see it.  Thanks in advance.

Mike C

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