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Re: CD Writers on SS10

iycrtyir wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm running a SPARC 10 (2xSM61, 336MB) with Debian
> 2.2r4, with the standard Sony 8012 CDROM drive in an
> external Sun 411 case (50 pin connexion). Apart from
> this drive being extremely slow, it also isn't a
> writer, which would be very helpful.
> Does anyone have any experience of using a CD writer
> on a SPARC 10? I'm looking for brand name / model
> here, so that I know I'm buying something that will
> work. It'll also need to be bootable from the PROM as
> it's the only disk drive I have. Speed of drive is not
> really a great issue, as long as the read speed is
> higher than 2!

I use a yamaha scsi burner in my SS20, works like a charm.  That
50-pin "connexion" is SCSI, so make sure you get a SCSI drive.  I
assume by SPARC 10 you mean SS10, not ultra 10.


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