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Re: BLAS on Sparc

Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com> writes:

> Now, why can't g77 link a C float function to a
> fortran REAL FUNCTION ?

What do you mean?  Obviously you can write an interface to a C
function returning float.  There is also a fairly flexible way of
specifying interfaces to the implementations of intrinsics, but I
don't recall where that lives.

If you want to know why real functions return a double value, you'd
probably have to ask the BSD f77 author (Feldman?) if it isn't
explained in the f2c doc as a consequence of VAX f77.  G77 isn't
special in that regard.  It uses the f2c conventions and f2c had
common ancestry with other Unix f77s, though I dare say many have been
replaced now.

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