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Re: SPARCstation 5 CD-ROM install problem...

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 07:28:31PM -0800, Don Werve wrote:
> I'm attempting to install Debian 2.2r5 on a small cache of SPARCstation 5s
> I salvaged from work (I work as a Solaris/Linux sysadmin).  I am able to 
> boot off the binary-sparc-1 CD-ROM, and can get the system to start churning
> through the kernel on boot, but I always get a panic mounting the root 
> filesystem.  I can STOP-A the machine at this point, but it instantly stops
> responding to input on the console, and requires a power-cycle to bring it
> back to a functional OBP.
> I get the same error on both 110MHz and 170MHz boxes, so I don't think this
> is the issue with the oddball Fujitsu chip in the 170MHz version.
> I don't have a floppy drive, and would like to avoid the hassle of setting
> up a TFTP server to netboot the bastards if at all possible.
> Here's some of the relevant bits out of the booting information:

I'm guessing you are using the CDROM that isn't /dev/scd0 (and
hopefully you are choosing "S"). Try either using the other CDROM, or
typing this at the SILO prompt:

SILO: linux root=/dev/scd1

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