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Boot problem at SparcSTATION 5

Hello out there!

I have finally managed to get my system install properly on my Sun
The installation goes the way it should, and there's no problem mentioned
at all during the
installation process...


Whern I take the system down for a reboot or halt, whatever, the prom says:

"Illegal boot instruction"
"Illegal instruction"

See, the system is there, and it's a perfectly clean and good installation.
And of course, I can search the net til' I go crazy, searching for boot
parameters in the prom.
But some of you subscribers might now.... do you?

About the computer:

SparcII processor 110MHz
32 Mb RAM
Internal SCA 1,0Gb SCSI drive at id 3
External CD-ROM SCSI at id 6


/ Daniel Lönn

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