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Installation problems on SparcStation5

Hello out there!

Just brought myself a SparcStation 5, second hand, for a fair prize,
its not a monster, but it's a computer that I would like to use.
To metion, I want to have Debian on it, instead of Solaris... you all know
so very well why.

About the computer:

Sparc II, 110 MHz CPU
32 Mb of RAM
Internal Conner CFP1080E SUN1.055150CPNH Har disk, at SCSI id 3
External Nec CD-ROM drive CDR-512, at SCSI id 6
(The hard disk is _the only thing_ internal in the machine)
There's NO IDE units, nor IDE chips, whatsoever.
Neither is there a FLOPPY, but I will never use that anyway.
This is a client that will be connected to a NFS and Gateway server,
I have created ISO images of Debian 2.2 r5, 3cd's from
ftp.se.debian.org wich was my nearest ftp holding it.

And so, I insert the first of the 3 CD set disks in the CD.ROM
and type 'boot cdrom' at the prom.

Well, the welcome screen is up in front, and I press "S" as in "Scsi

The system boots, and detects the hard disk and the CD-ROM.
Just fine, BUT:


Partition check:
  sda: sda1 sda2 sda3 sda4 sda5 sda6
sr0: CDROM (ioctl) reports ILLEGAL REQUEST
cdrom: open failed.
VFS: Cannot open root device 0b:00
Kernel panic: VFS: Unavle to mount root fs 0b:00
Press L1 to return to the boot prom


What is this?
I want to have Debia on it! Arrgh!
Anyone recongize this, or have the slightest idea of what's going on?

I am very familiar with Linux, but mostly on i386 based machines... =/

Please, what should I do.

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