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Re: Assorted Bus Errors - common problem?

* Andrew Sharp <andy@netfall.com> [020316 01:43]:
> Do we know that these are un/bad aligned data problems?  Not that I have
> a hard time believing that, because I don't.  But is it just a
> coincidence that they are both network apps (nmap and tcpdump) that
> twiddle with raw network data?  And the SPARC is network order and the
> x86 is, well, x86 order?  It could be that a library didn't do a ntoh()
> or hton() when it should have.

We're fairly certain that that's what it is... SPARC is very picky about
that sort of thing, that's just how it is.  Network apps are notoriously
bad at this... they try to squeeze data into a packet, and aligning
memory for non-x86 platforms is not what is first on the agenda it
seems. :)

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