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Re: correct video driver for Ultra1

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas J Zeeman <tjzeeman@cs.vu.nl> writes:

Thomas> I've heard you can recognize the type by the colour of the dot
Thomas> on the front of the case; green is a stock U1, red a Creator
Thomas> flavour.

My U1/140 have a red dot. And sadly, this is not a 140E... On the
U1/170E (aka Creator) I've seen, the word 'Creator' was clearly
written on the sticker.

Thomas> Rumour[0] has it there's a special card that allows 24-bit
Thomas> colour on a SBus-machine; given it has two free SBus-slots.

That would be a leo (aka ZX) framebuffer.

Places change, faces change. Life is so very strange.

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