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2.2.12 kernel compilation Anacron and xcdroast problem report Anacron still hangs [Announce] GNOME 1.0.40, beta release Argh, PAM/login problem bash returning error 139 running zcat | patch Big Fat Bug bison configuration problem breakage RE: Bug#45954: Anacron still hangs bug reporting? console-apt dead end Re: Debian installation floppy images Re: Debian/PPC Debian/PPC (was: Re: console-apt) dhcp? /etc set o-r? FAQ, iMac Finally launched freeamp Gabriel Paubert Vme Driver gcc-2.95.1? gcc 2.95.1-2 and ld gcc 2.95.1 safe to use? gcc 2.95 & building kernels Got xmcd running help installing Debian using LinuxPPC June '99.. HURD on ppc (IMPORTANT) email address changing - EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH, 1999! in.rshd vanished, and sound on powerstack Installation problems (Lombard) install.txt and resc1440.bin Invitation for the 1999 Linux Hacker's Meeting Is debian running with an iBook ??? KDE 1.1.2 KDE finally compiles Kernel hacking Linux Hacker Meeting (formerly m68k Hacker Meeting) Linux Kernel 2.2.12 Re: Linux (or other free OS) on RS/6000-MCA hardware Lombard status update m68k mac questions Minor Problem Potpourri MOL on Debian/PPC? MVME2301 motorola board netstd problem New binutils uploaded to master New for powerpc new kernel Nu bus mac package dependancies Packages and Packages.gz empty on packages dependencies PAM advantages? pb with the specs file from gcc 2.95 Perl troubles POP Reference Design Board potato and RTLinux Re: Potato Install problems on PowerMac Problems since upgrading.. putting screen to sleep quadra660 boot problems *update* Re on packages dependencies RES: HURD on ppc rrr RS/6000 RS6000 RS/6000 SCSI Boot Problem #1 RS/6000 SCSI Boot Problem #2 Screenblank powerdown LCD display? serious pam problem... Softwore Suspend (Hibernating without APM) startup clock setting in a Powermac? swap via nfs on a diskless board ? (16Mb memory) system working again... Telnet help Unreachable dates update-menus going higher and higher Using X with a 1 button mouse? where is xfree? Which kernel are people using? WOOHOO! Email changing soon! xfig segfaults xfree86-1_3.3.4 now compiles on powerpc, mach64 mess fixed, patch included. xfs Xmodmap, ctrl and lock The last update was on 20:15 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 319 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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