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Re: POP Reference Design Board

Brudeseth wrote:
> In reference to last months discussion regarding the interest for a low
> cost PowerPC board that can run Linux, I thought I mention that IBM has
> just released the block diagram, BOM and schematics for the PowerPC
> Open Platform reference board design on the following web site:
> http://www.chips.ibm.com/products/powerpc/linux/


Thanks for the reference, but I'm sure as you guessed, we do already
know about that. The problem isn't obtaining the board schematics, but
getting small quantities manufactured cheaply. In fact, that's an
impossible task apparently. Some of us (ie; ME!) really don't have
time/don't want to wait six months for some OEM junkbox with a big
'warranty void if removed' sticker on the case so we can't open it up.
People like me don't buy OEM because of the pure *trash* they have a
tendency to put inside systems. I want a system that I buy in parts, and
pay less for, than an OEM system. Or at least not $5,000 baseline for
just the board and CPUs. We're not all rich, nor are we all willing to
put up with OEM trash hardware. ;(


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