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Re: where is xfree?

On Fri, Sep 24, 1999 at 02:37:10PM +0200, Stefan Berndtsson wrote:
> Sven LUTHER <luther@maxime.u-strasbg.fr> writes:
> > Are you saying that the previous worked better for you than the
> > recent 3.3.5-1.1 package i compiled yesterday ?
> No, I'm saying the 3.3.5-1.1 works better than, however neither work
> as well as the 3.3.5 from Tom Rini (just stole the binary from his .rpm).

Ok, that means TOm Rini has some patch we are not aware of, or that some of the
mach64 stuff in the debian patches messed things up for you.

Could you try the upstream X server. I have older binaries (they are
or something like that, but there should be no big difference between them and
the current 3.3.5 corresponding the XF68_FBDev server.)

The site is at http://dpt-info.u-strasbg.fr/~luther/xfree.

Try this one :




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