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"Certificate Signing Authority is unknown or invalid" Re: [KPilot] Soliciting packagers apt-get package priorities / installing KDE troubles Article I wrote for my local user group Re: artsd is segfaulting with alsa drivers artsd memory leak! Can't print in KDE Compile small KDE application Compiling KDE 2.2 on potato ? Re: Complete KDE-Logout with dcop DCHOP_Server error Re: Debian JR packages and diskless workstations. Debian/KDE HowTo or FAQ - Where are they? Disabling Alarm Applet Divx and Linux Docking Station and KDE? DPMS & KDE Font permissions? HELP !!!!!! Help - need apt source for kde2.2 help with korganizer help with korganizer-second request hotmail access hotmail access and ECN How get KDE setup as the "desktop manager"? How install KDE with Woody/testing? How install KDE with Woody/testing? (2) How to generate kdelibs3-crypto packages from CVS ? HowTo install a Debian prerelease Woody/testing and KDE 2.2 system howto: horizontal gradient in kwin title-bars? I upgraded to Woody and lost X/KDE! installing 2.2? Installing KDE 2.1.1 kills the mouse in X Ivan- KDE 2.2 final - What's the status? kamera? Re: KDE 2.1.1 installation on Debian 2.2r3 stable help KDE 2.2 Final / Potato - Not ? KDE install doesn't setup KDE wm - Bug? kde printing system KDE-designer and MacOS-style menubar kde-i18n KDEbian FAQ KDEDIRS (was: Shared libs, moduledir) kdm Does Not Recognize kuser kdm won't start kde2 keyboard not working at kdm klisa and konqueror klisa problem Klyx? KMail Krashes At Startup Kmail questions koffice KOffice 1.1rc1 for potato koffice rc1 testing? KOffice version numbering konqueror 2.1.1 systemwide mime types Konqueror and ps/pdf viewer Konqueror, javascript problems and objprelink konqueror: flash stalls waiting for the audio device konqueror: java applet inside the konqueror window Konsole fonts & AA KPilot and KOrganizer kups woody upgrade failure-bug - Please help. Re: woody upgrade failure-bug; & apt/preferences favoring testing links not launching Konqueror Major problems with KDE 2.2 and konqy missing/double entries in menubar Moving icons where I want them Not KDEDIRS, KDEDIR NVidia GeForce2 MX objprelink and KDE/QT Panel Has No Applications Problem compiling a KDE2 app Qt 3.0 Quake1 and artsd problem questions on alpha and kde releasing some kde packages for adoption Setting env variable Setting KDEDIRS settting up cups Shared libs, moduledir sound in kde does not work sound on kde startup sound on kde startup (correction) SSL not working with KDE 2.2-final Trouble with kdm from KDE 2.1.2 running potato ? Update needed for: 3.3. Linux: Installing DEBs for debian Updated KDE on Progeny? vertical spacing of text viewing pdf documents with konqueror What happened to the task-kde* packages? When are Knotes saved? Will there be a kde 2.2 for potato xfree4.1.0 and kde Re: XFree86 4.x RENDER extension... xmms - gdk: missing charsets in FontSet Creation xmms The last update was on 06:17 GMT Sun Jun 12. There are 288 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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