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How install KDE with Woody/testing?

Hey Ivan - Thanks for your great work!

I couldn't find this documented anywhere (I hope I haven't overlooked
something obvious).  Would you please tell me:

What is the best way to install Debian testing/(woody packages) & KDE, when
the install is to 2001 HW, and is done entirely through a 56K modem?  (So,
an important consideration is minimizing the ammount of data DL'd.) (Also
important is getting the X drivers for the video HW.)

Should one:
1. Install base system (potato).
2. Install X.
3. Install KDE.
4. Do dist-upgrade.

1. Install base system.
2. Do dist-upgrade.
3. Install X.
4. Install KDE.

Or, some other way?

PS: any gotchas or tips or things to watch out for?
PPS: Would it be necessary, or suggested, in the above steps to install
more than just the base system in step 1? (Ie., rather than doing that
after KDE is installed.)
Thank you.

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