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Re: Panel Has No Applications

On Sat, Aug 11, 2001 at 09:48:58AM -0400, Robert Tilley wrote:

> When I tested her by logging into her account, when KDE became active
> there were no applications on the panel.  I contrast this with my root
> account, which had the entire spectrum -- KOffice apps, Konqueror, Help
> Center, etc.  Why is her account different?  Any information is most
> appreciated.


kuser copies some .kde/ files+dirs to the new $HOME which don't contain
much (just a very very basic setup).

When KDE starts, the 'startkde' script detects that $HOME/.kde exists and
does NOT copy the KDE default configuration over.
-> Create a dummy user, check if that dummy has a .kderc, .kde/ dir. If it
does I was right. ;)


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