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Re: links not launching Konqueror

I have found that in addition to the problems mentioned in my original post, 
left-clicking on a .html file on the desktop will not open it - nothing 
happens at all. Right-click and select "Open with Konqueror" and again 
nothing happens, but selecting "Open with Quanta" or "Open with StarOffice" 
both work fine. Konqueror wouldn't even start from the menu until I added 
"openProfile webbrowsing" to the kfmclient command. Is it possible that 
something like this is keeping Konqueror from opening in the other cases? 


On Thursday 02 August 2001 20:03, Michael Dickey wrote:
> URLs in an email, or in the browser, where opening a Konqueror window is
> required (right-click, New Window, or clicking on the link in an email)
> fail to open a new window. I get a pop-up that gives file copying progress,
> and then nothing. If the URL starts with ftp:// then it opens fine, and
> email addresses open KMail no problem. If I right-click, copy to clipboard,
> and select "Open with Konqueror" I get the same thing, but if I select
> "Open with Netscape" it works as it should. I have read the archives, and
> have looked through all of the settings that I can find, and can't find any
> reason for this to be happening. Any suggestions?
> I am running Potato 2.2r3 and KDE 2.1.2
> Thanks
> Michael

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